Discover the Smart Watch that takes your temperature and looks after your health in an integrated way with a sophisticated and elegant design.


In this day and age our health is the most important thing we have, fever, cough, headache, general physical discomfort... Are some of the symptoms that can make our lives unbearable during this time we currently find ourselves in and feeling good (body and mind) is one of the priorities for everyday life to be much better. The mind cannot be handled by technology (at least not yet), but it can be handled by your physical well-being. Your body speaks and being attentive to its needs is fundamental to leading a healthy life. Wouldn't it be great to have a watch that looks out for your health in an integral way?

Elegance and health in a single watch

What are some common habits for a healthy life? A healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise, avoiding a sedentary life, and abstaining from vices such as tobacco that only serve to harm us. These are small tips that can help us stay healthy, but how can we be sure that we are doing the right thing?

Vita Watch is an elegant watch with the purpose of looking out for your health. There are many models on the market that promise to take care of you, but none like this one. Do you know any device with such an elegant finish that can also take your body temperature? Yes, you heard that right! Vita Watch has a state-of-the-art built-in thermometer so you can prevent fever-related illnesses.

Health and temperature monitored with Vita Watch

The concept of smart watches was conceived with the idea of becoming one of the most useful accessories to keep up with alerts that you’re receiving at all times. Well, the experts were right! Smart watches can easily become the best tool when it comes to looking out for your health.

What makes the Vita Watch so special that it can actually help you take care of yourself? Apart from the basic functions of normal exercise wristbands (sleep monitor, step counter, adaptation to different sports...), Vita Watch has an integrated thermometer, electrocardiogram (EKG) and blood oxygen monitor. The latest medical advances in your own personal watch!

Keep an eye on your health with the help of this watch

This 21st century watch is not just a watch anymore. It is now a powerful computer connected to our body, full of sensors and capable of performing an infinite number of complex tasks. Vita Watch stays in direct contact with the human body 24 hours a day. That’s why it is recommended by so many professionals as the best device to monitor your health.

Fever is an alarm that goes off in our bodies to signal to us when something is wrong. Being able to measure the so-called fever (tenths of a fever) can put us on high alert to prevent further illnesses, such as colds, flu, or even much more dangerous infections. Vita Watch monitors your health so that you always know just how to fight these diseases.

A watch for your Health just an arm’s length away

In addition to a state-of-the-art thermometer, the creators of Vita Watch have shown their concern about cardiovascular health. The health of our heart is an issue that concerns many people, especially those who are older in age. Having heart attacks or heart problems is practically considered normal nowadays, and Vita Watch is going to help put our minds at ease. How is this possible? Take notes!

It features a heart rate monitor: Vita Watch is able to monitor our heart rate and alert us when it detects problems. There are countless cases of users who have their smart watch to thank for saving their lives. One of the most significant examples is 24-year-old Australian Adam Love, who started receiving alerts from his watch while he was sleeping. The watch sent him warnings that his resting heart rate was accelerating to 130-140 beats per minute, more than twice the normal rate. He went to the emergency room and was able to avoid a heart attack.

A modern electrocardiogram (EKG): this is a function that is beginning to be available in some smart, state-of-the-art watches such as the Apple Watch or the Vita Watch. It offers more accurate heart rate monitoring, heart beats and peaks of heart activity, data which is very useful for detecting possible heart problems.

See how it works!

The watch that controls it all!

Vita Watch is the watch that looks after your health. Always vigilant, always alert. The combination of the latest technology with an elegant design makes this watch the most outstanding of its kind in the world of medicine. More than half of the population could have avoided scares or visits to the doctor with a watch like Vita Watch on their wrist.

Some elements that the Vita Watch includes are leading features such as, the monitoring of blood pressure or blood oxygen saturation. This is a completely new feature that has emerged in recent months. But without a doubt the most unique feature of the Vita Watch is its state-of-the-art thermometer. Do you ever find yourself wondering if that discomfort you have is due to a fever? Vita Watch is the watch you need!

Step counter, calorie counter, blood pressure counter... It monitors the exercise we do and gives us pointers to improve. It is our everyday companion and caretaker that looks after us. It has become a standard for smart watches and other fitness devices of the like. They count steps taken over a period of time and keep track of daily goals.

Vita Watch is the best choice on the market

Main Advantages

  1. The watch that takes care of your health: temperature, heart rate, EKG...

  2. It measures your blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation so that you are always at the ready.

  3. It has a built-in activity meter (calories, steps, records your progress)

  4. Receives calls and message notifications to always keep you connected.

How can you buy it in United States?

You can place your order online through the official website in United States to be sent to your home.

Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.